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2017 Legal conferences

The 2017 conferences have now finished - to contact the organisers - email info@mobgroup.co.uk
How can your firm prosper in what’s forecast to be an uncertain year for both the UK economy and the legal sector in 2017?

The general consensus of forecasters point to a period of uncertainty.

The reality for law firm leaders is that the legal sector has been witnessing rapid transformation and uncertainty in recent years.

Leaders know their businesses need to continually evolve and improve – become more agile and be totally client focused.

The RBS legal sector conferences will focus on some of the key issues facing law firm leaders in 2017.

Our line-up of speakers will share their experience and insights to help you plan through the maze of strategies that will help your firm to prosper.

  • Economic update

  • Embracing technology in law firms

  • Recruiting and retaining the best people

  • Incentivising your people to maximise your returns

  • Law firm strategy

Our panel of speakers at the conference include:

Donald MacDonald - RBS

Andy Poole/Rosy Rourke - Armstrong Watson

Andrew Guy - PGC 

Aaron Naisbitt - Converge TS

Vicky Brackett - Irwin Mitchell - former Managing Partner at Thomas                                Eggar

Richard Hill - Gregg Latchams

Joe Reevy - Words4Business