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Seven ways to stop losing sales to "No Decision" - Blog

In this blog Kate Fleming looks at how you can reduce the the number of sales stalled at the no decision stage. .......MORE >

Law firms with formal sales processes can generate more revenue - Blog

In this blog, Kate Fleming reviews a Harvard white paper on the sales processes and how these can be adopted by law firms.....

.......MORE >

Avoid the cold call - referral selling for professionals

In this short blog Kate Fleming identifies 6 simple and effective steps to achieving more referrals.... MORE >


Tim Skipper of Totum Partners interviews Kate Fleming and Clifton Harrison - Eversheds on Sector Strategies in Law firms

Clifton and Kate discuss the key themes that came out of recent Milburn O'Brien research on the challenges law firms are facing in implementing sector strategies that delivers real value to clients To view video click here (video duration 4 mins)

Research report - How law firms have adapted their model for sales and client development

Research conducted with Said Business School looked at how law firms adpated.... MORE>

Business development - a strategic approach to sales in law firms

In this white paper, Kate Fleming shares her top 10 tips on how firms can improve the sales capabilities at a stratgeic and operational level.......... MORE >

Are you talking to the right people?

Kate Fleming explores how the sellers landscape has changed in the way decisions are made in relation to the purchase of high value legal services........MORE >

Tenders - a punt in the dark or a considered decision

Competitive tenders remain one of the most widely used methods by clients to select their professional advisors. In this blog Late Fleming looks as some of the principles that sometimes get overlooked  in the haste to respond to an ITT.

The role of the key client partner

Most firms have a CRM programme which describes the processes that firms have in place to manage their relationships with clients and indeed, there are examples of excellent CRM programmes........ MORE >

The price of poor client service

The legal landscape has changed forever. Kate Fleming considers the risks of not offering proper client service in a market that is over supplied with law firms and lawyers and where technical expertise is no longer a differentiator.

Article first published in Business Sense Legal  March 2014.........MORE >

BLOG - A proctive approach to sales in law firms

As more firms recognise the importance of selling (business development) in today’s highly competitive market - many will agree that it is still a rather reactive approach, adopted generally when a pitch opportunity arises - be it formal or informal..... MORE >